Effortless documentation for effective data teams

DataDocs is a data catalog that saves you time by writing documentation for you

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Documentation Reimagined

DataDocs' AI-first approach to database documentation makes it the easiest part of a data team's job.

  • Save time – focus on data tasks, not documentation
  • Cost-effective: DataDocs won't break the budget
  • Effortlessly turn data into knowledge

What is DataDocs?

DataDocs is a zero-friction database documentation tool that leverages automation and today's AI technology to make documentation the easiest part of a data team's job.

DataDocs connects directly to your MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, automatically generates database documentation and keeps it up to date for you as your data changes. Never lose track of your data again.

Priced for small-businesses, freelancers and agencies, with unlimited users on all of our plans, DataDocs is the no-frills team-based data catalog that you didn't know was possible.

DataDocs Advantage

Screenshot of DataDocs database documentation tab

You've got questions?

I'm sold!

Always up-to-date documentation without zero effort sounds pretty good to me!