Effortless documentation for effective data teams

DataDocs is a data catalog that saves you time by writing documentation for you

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Effortless Database Documentation

DataDocs uses AI to save you time by writing database documentation for you.

Spend more time building.

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Always Up-to-Date

Never worry about out-of-date docs again.

DataDocs connects to your databases and automatically refreshes your documentation so that your team can have confidence.

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Lightning-fast Search

Search your documentation and data catalog in seconds.

Get what you need quickly and move on to solving the problem at hand.

One-click Docs

DataDocs uses AI language models to analyze your database and generate a high-quality data catalog and documentation for you.

Effortless updates

Out-of-date docs are a thing of the past. DataDocs updates your data catalog as your database changes.


DataDocs is built with security in mind. DataDocs never writes to your database, and only reads metadata.

Designed for Teams

DataDocs is designed for anyone - data teams, product teams, analysts and execs - to understand their data.


DataDocs will grow with your team. From one table to 1,000, we've got you covered.

Simple and affordable

Do one thing well: DataDocs does docs. DataDocs is not a pricey governance platform, but we'll help your team be more effective with your data.

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